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Wizard Wall

Dorm Room Days: Wizard Wall Addition

There’s no such thing as too much organization, especially when it comes to your education, and nobody knows more about the important of educational organization more than college students! Dry erase contact paper is a great addition to any college dorm room and it can be used in a number of different ways.

Schedule Organization

Roommates often like to know where the other will be throughout the day. Place a piece of dry erase contact paper on the wall of a common area so that everybody can write their weekly class or extracurricular schedule. This will ensure that friends and roommates are aware of where each other will be throughout the busy week!  

Schedule Classwork
There’s no denying that organization is imperative to college success. From classes to projects to extracurricular and more, it is very easy to becoming overwhelmed. The key to a successful journey throughout college? Great organization! Wizard Wall dry erase contact paper can be used for students to organize when they have big projects coming up, when they have exams, or when they have papers due. Creating a calendar with dry erase contact paper allows for students to organize not only classwork, but also their extracurricular activities or holidays, further allowing them to most effectively manage their time.

Decorating the Dorm Room

Perhaps the most fun way to use dry erase contact paper is to decorate the dorm room! It’s no secret that dorm rooms can be stuffy, dull, and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are limitations on what can or cannot be done in terms of decorating. Dry erase contact paper can be spread against a wall and customized to create a removable “wallpaper” of sorts, allowing students and their roommates to add a little personality to their living space. Students can also use Wizard Wall to write motivational quotes, as well as notes to each other when the other is not present.

All around, there really is no end to the use of dry erase contact paper in the college setting. From coursework organization to decoration to acting as a memo pad, any student is sure to love the use of their fun new tool!