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Dry Erase Sheets Make Learning Fun

Anyone who has ever spent any time in an elementary school classroom can attest that young students go through a lot of paper. However, there is a solution to that problem — one that is fun for the kids, can increase interaction, and adds to learning. That solution? Customizable
dry erase surface sheets. These sheets can be cut to any length you need, attached to walls temporarily without causing damage, and replace the need for reams of paper or sneeze-inducing chalk.

While you might have a full size dry erase board in your class for instruction, dry erase sheets make several activities easier and more effective.

Group Projects

Place dry erase surface sheets around the class, and ask students to solve problems or brainstorm projects together. The dry erase surface makes it easy to erase mistakes, giving students the freedom to be creative since nothing is permanent.

Conceptual Practice

Are you working with emerging readers and writers? Give each child a small dry erase sheet on which to practice his or her letters or sight words. Try writing letters or words on the board for each child to copy. Instead of wasting paper copying the same letters repeatedly, they can practice and erase until they feel confident.

Test Review

Help your students prepare for a test by asking questions and having them write their answers on the boards. Ask them to hold up the boards once they have their answer, to check their knowledge and make corrections as necessary.

Following Directions

A dry erase surface helps students learn to follow instructions and conceptualize certain concepts. For example, ask students to draw a scene as you describe it, or follow instructions to draw a certain shape. This helps build coordination and language understanding.

Play Learning Games

What better way to learn than by having fun? Use dry erase sheets to play games with your students. Ask students to write their responses to true, false, or multiple-choice questions on the sheet, and have a friendly competition to see who can get the most right. Drawing games, like a form of “Pictionary,” are a fun way to reinforce vocabulary or spelling words, and the erasable surface is perfect for drawing and erasing doodles.

These are just a few of the ways that teachers can use dry erase surface sheets in the classroom. You’re sure to find some creative ways to make them your own, so don’t hesitate to add them to your school supply shopping list this year.