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Wizard Wall

Home Organization with Wizard Wall

From chores to shopping lists to keeping track of family wear-abouts and more, there no end to the benefits of dry erase sheets in the home! The best part? The versatility and removability! Wizard Wall boasts a unique ability to keep track of your most important details. Place a sheet on the fridge or on the wall of your kitchen so that the whole family can see. Then, remove with ease! There’s no destruction, meaning that they can be used in even the most delicate of settings, such as apartments.

Organize Chores:

A family of four or five certainly can lead to a messy house, but assigning individual chores is a great way to stay on track. But when you’ve got two or three children, it can be hard to remember who is assigned to what! Use dry erase sheets to organize who gets which daily or weekly chores. Create a chart and assign tasks to each member of the family. As they complete them, they can simply erase the chore from their list, or mark it off. Together, you and your family can find the most efficient system.

Organize grocery or shopping lists:

Ever arrive at the grocery store only to realize that you’re not exactly sure what you need? Were you out of milk? Were you in need of toilet paper? As your family runs out of items, encourage them to add that item to a list on dry erase sheets. That way, you’ll always know exactly which items you are in need of. When your son takes the last of the cereal, he’ll write down the cereal on the list. When your wife drinks the last of the juice, she’ll write down that juice. This method will ensure that you’re never without your most essential grocery items!

Leave important memos and notes:

There’s nothing worse than not knowing when your husband, wife, son, or daughter are when you arrive home from work. You’re sure to rest a little easier when there’s a note left, discussing their wear-abouts! Dry erase sheets, stuck in an easily-seen spot, ensure that your family can always keep tabs on each other, ensuring further safety and security in your home. Additionally, family members can leave phone messages for each other. Paper notes are wasteful and can be easily thrown away without realizing they’ve got an important message. Dry erase sheets are noticeable, fun, and easily cleaned for the next message!