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Hosting a Successful Meeting 

There’s nothing quite as scary as organizing and hosting a meeting. However, meetings are an essential part of our workplace lives, and you’re sure to host one at some point or another! From small department meetings to large corporate meetings, the success of any gathering depends largely on how well it is planned, organized, and carried out. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to ensure a successful meeting with the help of a dry erase easel pad!

The Planning Phase:

The planning phase of any meeting is perhaps the most stressful part of a meeting. From highlighting the key talking points, to organizing when and where the meeting will take place, each element requires careful attention. A dry erase easel pad is a great way to organize your thoughts. Use one sheet of a dry erase easel pad to list possible times and locations. Your dry erase easel pad can also be used to outline key discussion points. The best thing about a dry erase easel pad? It can be easily erased, leaving you plenty of room for free-thinking and planning!

During the Meeting: 

You can also use a dry erase easel pad throughout you meeting. Use the first page to outline what will be discussed at the meeting. Use the following pages of your dry erase easel pad to go over sub points of each topic. You can also use dry erase sheets as a brainstorming method, seeking input from those in attendance. Dry erase sheets are also a great way to draw graphs or make lists, as needed. Again, these sheets can be erased at the conclusion of a meeting and used time and time again!

After the Meeting:

First, relax! Then, evaluate how your meeting went. This will aid in the success of your future meetings. To evaluate, use your dry erase easel pad to organize what went well, as well as what did not go well. Write down what you would change about a future meeting.

Sure, planning and hosting a meeting can be stressful. Fortunately, with just a little bit of organization, it doesn’t have to be hard! Plan and host a successful meeting with the help of a dry erase easel pad