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Wizard Wall

Party Planning With Wizard Wall 

With Wizard Wall dry erase rolls the party never has to stop! When it comes to planning and hosting a party, stress is high. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to ensure a fun day for both you and your guests! From the party planning stages to the decoration to games and more, dry erase rolls come in handy in more ways than one. 


Party planning entails lots of list-making and note-taking. Rather than waste sheet after sheet of paper, use a wizard wall pad! Wizard Wall allows you to do everything from brainstorm party themes, create an invite list, craft a shopping list, and draft a schedule of events. The best part? Easy cleanup!

Party Décor and More

Looking for a way to spruce up the location of your event? Wizard Wall dry erase rolls allow you to create removable signs, pictures, directions and more! Show support for your team by making fan signs for the big game. If you’ve got a great hand at art, create a kid friendly party-scape by drawing fun theme-related graphics. Here’s another fun idea: A mock photo-booth! Use dry erase rolls to create a backdrop for a fun photo shoot for you and your guests.

Games, Galore

There’s nothing like a great round of party games! Wizard Wall sheets come in handy for any age group. Use a sheet to play kid-friendly games such as pin the tail on the donkey or tic-tac-toe. For a more mature crowd, use Wizard Wall to play games such as Pictionary or a variation of Wheel of Fortune!   

Party Gifting
When it comes to tracking who brought which gift, Wizard Wall comes in great handy. Whether at a bridal shower or a birthday party, the host can easily keep track of which guest brought which guest. This allows for a much easier time writing those thank you notes!

As you can see, party planning and hosting is fun and easy when you’ve got dry erase rolls on your side!