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Wizard Wall

Rainy Day Cling Film Fun

With Wizard Wall cling film comes far more than simply organization! Have a fussy toddler or grade school student in your home? Looking for some fun and educational activities for rainy days inside? Wizard Wall has got you covered! From fun and engaging games to educational activities, there is simply no end to what can be done with dry erase cling film!

Cling Film Fun and Games
So, it’s a rainy day and your little one is getting fussy… pull out the cling film! Stick a piece on a tabletop or wall and let the fun begin. Play games such as tick-tac-toe, connect the dots, or simply draw some silly pictures. Lay a long piece of cling film on the ground to create an easily-removed game of hopscotch. Have your child lie on the ground and trace around them on the cling film so that they can color themselves a new friend! You can also create an impromptu car mat with some cling film and matchbox cars.

Cling Film Learning 

Cling film doesn’t have to be only fun and games! Cling film is a great way to introduce fun learning into your home. On a rainy day, make learning more enticing by using dry erase cling film. Practice penmanship, practice drawing and learning shapes, and perform math exercises. Cling film can also be used to teach little ones fine motor skills, easily erased and able to be used time and time again. This kind of ease makes learning fun and efficient!  

Don’t spend a rainy day in front of the television or playing video games! Have cling film on hand for fun, fast, and removal fun and learning.