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Wizard Wall

The Versatility of Wizard Wall

The great thing about Wizard Wall? The versatility! Wizard Wall dry erase sheets offer a fantastic way to get your home, office, or classroom organized and on-track! But, how exactly can they be used? You’d be surprised at just how much use you can get out of simple dry erase sheets! Check out these helpful ways to use your Wizard Wall:

The Home

Ah, the home. Cozy and comfortable and a place where we can truly relax. Unless, of course, it is disorganized! Wizard wall dry erase sheets can be used in the home in a variety of ways:

·         Place a sheet on your refrigerator to keep track of your weekly grocery list
·         Write daily chores for your children, allowing them to mark them off as they are completed
·         Leave family members phone messages
·         Leave a note if you’re stepping out, to avoid any miscommunication

The Office

The office is perhaps one of the most necessary places to implement organization. After all, the success of your day largely depends on it! Dry erase sheets make an excellent addition to the workplace:

·         Use a dry erase easel to track discussion points during a meeting
·         Place a sheet on a wall where employees can write down suggestions or office messages
·         Use Wizard Wall to organize office events or outings
·         Provide single dry erase sheets to employees for their own personal note-taking or scheduling

The Classroom

A classroom is only as successful as its organization! Wizard Wall makes a great addition to any classroom, offering both fun AND organization:

·         Use dry erase sheets to write daily homework for students
·         Write down the dates of exams or due dates for papers, so that they will always be present for students to remember
·         Organize classroom rules place the dry erase sheet where it can be easily seen
·         Place a sheet outside of your door for other teachers to leave you notes

As you can see, there really is no end to what can be done with Wizard Wall dry erase sheets. From the home to the office to the classroom, dry erase sheets provide a fun way to get organized!