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Wizard Wall

How Does It Work?

Wizard Wall® film is a specially manufactured and exclusively converted ClingZ® product. ClingZ is an electrically charged polypropylene film, which can be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue behind. It works on most clean dry indoor surfaces. The benefits of Wizard Wall are the following:

  • Adheres to surfaces such as glass, drywall, metal, plastic, wood, brick and marble
  • Both sides are self-adhering
  • Leaves no residue
  • Can be written on with dry erase and permanent markers
  • Repositionable for any indoor application



Wizard Wall How To


Wizard Wall® is a cling film that enables you to have a meeting virtually anywhere. Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere.® Wizard Wall® is available in systems, easel pads and kits.

Wizard Wall, Removable White Board Product

Wizard Wall® comes in a portable kit containing a roll of cling film (30" wide) that easily cuts sheets into custom lengths. Kits also contain permanent markers, a dry erase marker, and a dry eraser-everything you need for a meeting on-the-go.

Wizard Wall, Removable White Board Product

Sheets cling to any indoor surface without the need for adhesives, tape or pins.

Wizard Wall, Removable White Board Product

You can write on it with either permanent or dry erase markers.

Wizard Wall, Removable White Board Product

Wizard Wall® clings are easily repositioned, allowing you to move your work from one wall to another.

Wizard Wall, Removable White Board Product

Bring your Wizard Wall® kit to a meeting or presentation, open it, unroll the Wizard Wall® film and cut to your desired length. Cling Wizard Wall® to any indoor surface to write on it. When done roll up your work, save it or ship it using the enclosed storage tubes.

Each kit includes a dry erase marker, a dry erase eraser and two permanent markers. The large Wizard Wall® kit has a storage area containing two 31" x 3" storage tubes.

Each Wizard Wall® kit includes a replaceable cartridge containing the 30 inches x 50 feet wide film that is easily dispensed and cut with the Wizard Wall® slide cutting system.
Wizard Wall® is an excellent collaboration, planning and instruction tool.




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